COOKIE Files Policy

We make every effort to make the experience of visiting our websites and the way of using them as informative for you, and as functional and useful as possible. One of the methods of achieving this goal is to use cookie files that we upload to your computer in order to collect information regarding your visits at our Website. Some of the information is necessary for the website to work correctly.

What are the "cookies" and what is their purpose?

The cookie files are small text files being saved on your computer's hard drive when browsing certain websites. We use cookie files, among others, to determine whether you visit us for the first time, or to determine which of our site's features could be particularly interesting for you. These files could significantly facilitate the use of our website, by recording your visiting preferences.

Most web browsers inform you how to block new cookie files, and how to block those already existing. You should, however, note that if you refuse to accept the cookie files, this may prevent you from using certain features of our website (e.g. the inability to register/login to your account, and, as a consequence, the inability to make a purchase.

What "cookie" files do we use?

Due to how long the cookie files are stored in your device (a computer, a notebook, a tablet, a smartphone etc.), two types of cookie files are used: session cookies and permanent cookies. The former are temporary files, which stay on your device until you log out from the website, or shut down the software (close the web browser). The permanent cookie files stay in your device for the period specified in the parameters of the "cookies", or until they are deleted manually. We wish to emphasize that to ensure your safety, we do not store our Users' personal data in the cookie files.

Additional information regarding the cookie files used on our company's websites

Necessary cookies

This type of cookies makes it possible to navigate the website freely, and to use all of its functions, such as accessing the website's safe areas (after logging in). Without these files, you can't use, among others, the purchase feature.

Cookies related to performance improvements

This type of cookies gathers information on how the user is using the website, eg. which pages are visited most often, and whether any error messages are displayed. All the data collected in this way is combined, and anonymous, and used only to improve the website analytics, and for statistical purposes.

Cookies related to functionality

This type of cookies makes it possible for the website to save the users' choices, and provide improved, more personalized functions (for instance the way the products are displayed on the website). This type of cookies can also be used to save changes made regarding the text, font size, and other customizable elements of the website. They can also be used to provide the user with services, such as leaving comments on the message board. The files collected in this way and the data they contain may be anonymous and cannot be used for tracking the users' activities on other websites.

We would like to inform that we are doing our best to ensure the highest security level in our store. Any events having impact on the safety of information communication can be reported to the e-mail address


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